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The best way for you to create wealth is only through real estate, we are here for you. Dulcet Properties

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Research has stated a fact that increase in birthrate is not commensurate to that of death rate,that of birth is far way above the later. Be that as it may,it will be justifiable to say that there is need for more building as to provide shelter for the masses.
One of the greatest form of making money is by providing services to humanity,there’s need for shelter,providing such won’t be a bad investment move. And this is where we step in,to help you achieve your dreams. You can build to rent,lease or sell off,in all you really need a fast and swift turn up as not to tie your funds in a particular project. Why provide luxury where the masses can’t afford it,it’s poor calculation or providing inferior apartments where you have people of high class. Thus,the location matters a lot when it comes to building.
Upon building,you need to be very meticulous and calculative,there are seasons where building materials are often at the high price,obviously building during such season won’t be a good idea.
Conclusively, building is another dimension of real estate one can venture into if you have the funds to set up a structure without getting stocked up on the way thereby going for distress sale,many do have the funds in abinitio but along fell off because such a person is not a pro,to avoid such,get in touch with ____ and forever remain happy.

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All things being equal,every human on earth should be entitled to a piece of the earth,and as such,wherever you see land,buy it,if you have any already,buy more,it’s never enough. Land investment over the years has proven to be the best and safest form of investment on earth,as of Jupiter,we don’t know about that,till we get there. I always advice my clients to buy and wait,don’t wait to buy,price of land change over time,as such,tomorrow might be late. Few quotes about real estate investment: find out where people are going and buy the land. Buy land,people are no longer making it. Landlords make money while asleep.
In as much as land investment is a business,it comes with risk,even though the risk is low and such can be mitigated if a professional should handle your real estate business,on this note we __ steps in to assist.

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A lot of persons has chose to do what they not qualified by way of academics,why on earth should a surveyor do the job of a town planner,it’s a separate institution and as such,differs in their own kind of nature. In real estate,the role of an Architecture can not be dispensed,and can not also be overemphasized. Architectural work is the first step to a quality and beautiful house,the architect keeps to trend and should be able to give his/her client a good look which will stand the taste of time. Consult an architect today before building and see the difference in what you have been doing over the years.

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About Dulcet properties and Investment limited

Dulcet properties and investment limited is a luxury real estate business for the passionate Nigerians. We make luxury living affordable for you. We believe that even the most simple and passionate of men deserve comfort and an elegant shelter. Our greatest strengths are making dream homes affordable and making sure our clients get more than luxury; they get comfort and peace of mind. That is why at Dulcet Properties and investment limited, we haven’t just been building dream houses for over 20 years, but we have also been building dreams.

Steps we take to ensure you purchase a legit property

Step 1

Get the documents of the property.

Step 2

Get a lawyer to thoroghly go through the document collected and ensure that it is the appropriate document and confirm if it is registered.

Step 3

Verify the history of the land and ensure that it is not encumbered or under litigation.

Step 4

Request for a physical meeting with the owner.

Step 5

prepare your legal document and ensure that it is properly signed.


Land survay

A land survey is a vital document along showing land ownership. It also helps to ensure that constructions done on the land are in the right direction. It helps you determine the terrain of the land, which then aids in drainage construction.

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Welcome to Chuka Obi and Co. A law firm located at the heart of Enugu. We pride ourselves on efficient and effective management of very legal duties. This firm is a reputable one that proffers solution with the biggest brains in the legal field and to put in resounding researches into solving our clients worries.
We provide effective legal representation in related legal areas e.t.c.
Our firm covers all aspects of law and we are always define to give you the best representation or nothing.

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Supervision is very important when it comes to building your dream project. We guarantee that the materials used, all equipment and systems are good quality, function well and conform to the standards. These can include, electrical equipment or building structures. We can also act as safety coordinators for projects to make sure the site is a safe working place for everyone

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  • Land survey
  • Land selling
  • Selling of house
  • Building Project


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